A campus for treatment, research and education in the fields of allergy and asthma

The launch of the Allergy Campus in Davos Wolfgang in 2014 set a new milestone. Three independent partners, CK-CARE (Christine Kühne – Center for Allergy Research and Education), HGK (Hochgebirgsklinik) Davos and SIAF (Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Research) are combining forces to build a globally unique center in this field – that will set a new benchmark in clinical management.

Based on these three independent pillars, fundamental research, clinical research, clinical and outpatient care, development of treatments, education of students and physicians as well as conferences, meetings, seminars and workshops are being combined in one and the same location on the site of the HGK.

The unique combination means patients in the clinic directly profit from research results. In contrast, researchers will benefit from convenient access to key patients, their issues. Knowledge gathered from this collaboration will be disseminated to the world through targeted educational activities.

Info-Flyer Allergiecampus Davos (in German)


Picture: Origin - OOS AG, Architekten, Zürich