Clinical care (in-/outpatient) in the allergy and asthma field

Patients with asthma, dermatological and general allergy needs are treated in the Hochgebirgsklinik (HGK) Davos. They benefit from cutting-edge allergy research on the campus as the treatment is always state-of-the-art in keeping with the latest knowledge. SIAF and CK-CARE generate results that will directly benefit treatment and clinical practice. High priority is also given to offering appropriate training courses, also available on the campus.

Cutting-edge research in the allergy and asthma field

Thanks to the proximity to patients being treated on an in-patient or outpatient basis, the SIAF can carry out genuine translational research, while CK-CARE as an integrating element of the campus concept and a research association brings the excellent expertise of several European centres into the system.

Training and education

CK-CARE offers basic and graduate education, training and continuing professional development on the campus alongside research. Educational activities for physicians and other health professionals are organized and provided. Another focus is the established train-the-trainer seminars for disseminators which are, in part, offered jointly with aha! Swiss Allergy Centre, a Swiss patients’ organization.