The Davos climate has always been unique for health

Davos lies in a sheltered high mountain valley at 1560 metres above sea level. The high altitude climate is characterized by long sunshine hours, minimal cloud cover, low humidity levels and little rainfall. The air is not just pure and dry but also low in allergens, microbes and pollutants.

Owing to the short growing season and the Alpine flora, only small quantities of allergenic pollen are produced by comparison with lower altitude locations. This means patients are exposed to less allergy-causing pollen.

As a result of the high altitude, there are also no house dust mites, whose droppings are among the major triggers of allergies. As patients are not exposed to these allergens, fewer allergic reactions are triggered, chronic inflammation is reduced and their state of health quickly and measurably improves. In this unique climate, allergies, respiratory and skin diseases can be treated efficiently and sustainably.

Davos – healthy climate and prevention